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Our software makes managing your dealership that much easier, but if you want us to help take some of the load off your team, check out some of our managed services. We can keep your site data up to date, make sure you have the most high quality images & recent videos, and keep up with your manufacturer specials.

Growing you business' online presence can prove more difficult than maintaining your dealership data. We can help with that too! We offer a variety of marketing services, both in our Dealership-Tools platform and independently. Marine-Tools can help take your dealership to the next level!

Dealership-Tools Managed Services

New Boat & Motor Data

Having the most current Brochure version of every Boat & Motor Model for every "New" Manufacturer you sell, on your site will give your customers power. The power to choose their desired optional upgrades and packages, right from your site and your sales center!

HD Images & Videos

We make sure to have the highest quality images for each New Boat & Motor Model, as well as the most relate-able manufacturer videos out there. These updates will allow for a better visual experience and adds enticement for your soon to be customers.

Up-to-Date Specials

Keeping up-to-date manufacturer specials displayed on your site, allows your potential customers to easily notice and locate your discounted offers. A certain special could make or break a visitors decision to buy one of your new boats or motors.

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Where you show up in the search engines is one of the most important aspects of having an online presence. To get your company to the highest seat, there are a number of obstacles & tactics that must be created & followed through. Doing this internally will, make this one of your employees full-time job, let us take this weight of your company's shoulder. In return, Marine-Tools will come up with the SEO plan and give you some real results.

Social Media Marketing

Being active on Social Media gives your company authority and trust in the community. If your possible clients can see an active, friendly and relatable presence across your social platforms, they are more likely to purchase such a large investment from you. They will do their research and online presence is at the top of your buyers list. We are here to help, we will manage, generate content, post and advertise each of your Company's Social Channels.

Online Advertisements

Paid-Per-Click ad's and Social Media ad's are two of the biggest lead drivers in the marketing world. Google Ad's are keyword driven, allow us to do the keyword analysis and get your ad's in front of the right people. Users today spend a lot of time on Social Media; getting your boats, specials & boat shows in front of those potential customers is key. We do all the research necessary to make sure the right people see & click your ad's. leading to purchase of your boats & motors.

Reputation Management

Good Reputation Management includes current Testimonial updates, Social Media interactions and quick Client Rating responses. Our team is ready to help mediate all aspects of your boat dealership or yacht brokerage’s reputation. Plus, our software makes managing your leads easier than ever. We will screen your testimonials and generate positive B2C responses across platforms. Good company reputations lead to more happy buyers.

Custom Content Creation

Writing personalized creative content is a challenge in itself. Adding to it needing to be directed towards a particular demographic, while trying to encourage them to purchase a large item, makes it that much more difficult. Purchase our Marketing Package, and we can do it all for you. The content created will display on your site, as articles, in newsletters, on ad's, and in marketing emails. We will handle the creation, addition and distribution of all your personalized content.

Adding industry specific articles & important marine related news to your site helps boost your location in the search engines. Having specific keywords littered across your site allows for more of an opportunity to boost your chances of being seen, above other maybe large dealerships. Sending monthly newsletters and marketing emails enforces positive client and dealership relationships alive. Our expert writers and editors are just waiting to be able to cater to your site. We will generate custom and personalized articles, site content and marketing publications catered specifically to your customers interests.

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